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Light (2-15gr)
Spinning "Akira" (2.10m, up to 10gr)
PRICE: 79.95 Eur
Spinning "Akira" (2.30m, up to 10gr)
PRICE: 79.95 Eur
Spinning "Bass Pro Spin" (2.13m, 3.5-10gr)
PRICE: 174.95 Eur
Spinning "Black Savage Dropshot" (2.23m, 2-12gr)
PRICE: 109.95 Eur
Spinning "DAM Cultus" (1.90m, 1-12gr)
PRICE: 54.95 Eur
Spinning "DAM Cultus" (2.40m, 3-16gr)
PRICE: 64.95 Eur
Spinning "DAM Cultus" (2.70m, 4-18gr)
PRICE: 79.95 Eur
Spinning "Drop Spin - Double Tip" (2.10m, 2-9gr/up to 15gr)
PRICE: 69.95 Eur
Spinning "Effzett Meth" (2.10m, 2-10gr)
PRICE: 59.95 Eur
Spinning "Effzett Microflex" (2.10m, 3-15gr)
PRICE: 84.95 Eur
Spinning "Effzett Microflex" (2.30m, 2-10gr)
PRICE: 89.95 Eur
Spinning "Effzett Perch Special" (2.3m, 3-12gr)
PRICE: 94.95 Eur
Special offers
Cake "New Generation 10"
PRICE: 25.00 Eur

Cake "Cyclone"
PRICE: 49.95 Eur
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