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Medium-light (5-20gr)
Spinning "Akira" (2.30m, up to 18gr)
PRICE: 89.95 Eur
Spinning "Black Savage Dropshot" (2.33m, 5-18gr)
PRICE: 114.95 Eur
Spinning "Black Savage Spin" (2.28m, 5-20gr)
PRICE: 104.95 Eur
Spinning "Cool Spin DX-S" (2.40m, up to 25gr)
PRICE: 31.00 Eur
Spinning "DAM Cultus" (2.70m, 7-21gr)
PRICE: 74.95 Eur
Spinning "Effzett Nova Spin" (1.80m, 5-15gr)
PRICE: 48.00 Eur
Spinning "Effzett Nova Spin" (1.98m, 7-21gr)
PRICE: 54.95 Eur
Spinning "Freshwater Spinning" (2.40m, up to 25gr)
PRICE: 54.95 Eur
Spinning "Haru Dropshot" (2.60m, 3-20gr)
PRICE: 84.95 Eur
Spinning "Haru Light B-Casting" (1.98m, 4-18gr)
PRICE: 84.95 Eur
Spinning "Haru Light B-Casting" (2.23m, 5-54gr)
PRICE: 89.95 Eur
Spinning "Haru" (2.40m, 5-20gr)
PRICE: 74.95 Eur
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