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Sea rods
Fishing rod "Advant Sea" (1.50m, up to 100gr)
PRICE: 16.95 Eur
Fishing rod "DAM Aqua-X Allraound" (2.10m, 100-170gr)
PRICE: 23.95 Eur
Fishing rod "DAM Aqua-X Boat" (1.80m, 200-350gr)
PRICE: 21.95 Eur
Fishing rod "DAM Aqua-X Boat" (2.10m, 200-350gr)
PRICE: 28.95 Eur
Fishing rod "DAM Aqua-X Boat" (2.10m, 300-500gr)
PRICE: 25.95 Eur
Fishing rod "Reptile Mono" (1.50m,100-200gr)
PRICE: 17.50 Eur
Fishing rod "Sea Dream" (1.50m, 50-100gr)
PRICE: 14.50 Eur
Fishing rod "Shuriken Boat" (1.50m, līdz 150gr)
PRICE: 15.95 Eur
Spinning "Mustang" (2.10m, 100-250gr)
PRICE: 24.95 Eur
Spinning "Mustang" (2.40m, 100-250gr)
PRICE: 23.75 Eur
Spinning "Mustang" (2.70m, 100-250gr)
PRICE: 32.95 Eur
Spinning "Sea Hawk" (2.10m, 100-300gr)
PRICE: 23.00 Eur
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