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Pneumatic weapon ammunition
CO2 capsules with oil (12gr)
PRICE: 2.50 Eur
CO2 container (12gr)
PRICE: 0.95 Eur
CO2 container (88gr)
PRICE: 9.95 Eur
Pellets "Borner Domed" (4.5mm, 500gb)
PRICE: 8.95 Eur
Pellets "Borner Jumbo" (4.5mm, 250gb)
PRICE: 4.25 Eur
Pellets "Browning Flat Pellets" (4.5mm, 500pcs)
PRICE: 5.50 Eur
Pellets "Browning Pointed Pellets" (4.5mm, 500gb)
PRICE: 7.95 Eur
Pellets "Cobra" (5.5mm, 200pcs)
PRICE: 5.95 Eur
Pellets "Intruder" (4.5mm, 500pcs)
PRICE: 9.50 Eur
Pellets "JSB Diabolo Exact" (4.5mm, 500pcs)
PRICE: 15.50 Eur
Pellets "JSB Diabolo Hades" (5.5mm, 250pcs)
PRICE: 10.20 Eur
Pellets "JSB Diabolo Heavy Ultra Shock" (4.5mm, 350pcs)
PRICE: 12.95 Eur
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