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Thermo mug "Stainless King" (0.47L)

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Detailed description of the Product

  • Outstanding thermal insulation performance - vacuum technology TherMax™, maintains your contents hot or cold for maximum duration

  • Durable Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior

  • DrinkLock” stopper, prevents your drink from spilling

  • Equipped with tea-bag hook

  • BPA free

  • Colour: Midnight Blue


Stainless King series - premium class vacuum flasks and travel mugs with original design manufactured from extremely durable and high-quality materials. Our vacuum flasks easily cope even with the most extreme environmental conditions and during long trips, skiing or winter fishing will provide you with hot food or drinks for maximum duration, 24 hours or even longer.

Stainless King Series products combine retro-style and peak performance. This is one of the best-selling Travel Mugs worldwide. “DrinkLock” feature prevents your drink from spilling, even if the mug is carried upside-down. Therefore, it can be easily carried in the bag with other personal belongings.

Our award-winning vacuum technology TherMax™ eliminates temperature changes by creating vacuum space between two stainless steel walls, thus achieving the optimal effect: thermos keeps hot or cold for maximum duration, without changing surface temperature. Special technology ensures high performance while keeping hot or cold longer than other manufacturers’ products.

You won’t fail with Stainless King by Thermos®. This is a great value Gift for your loved ones.

Midnight Blue color, is the latest addition of Stainless King collection.


Additional information

Article 366-SK1000MBTRI4
Manufacturer Thermos
Volume 470ml
Height 20cm
Diameter 8cm
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