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Monofilament lines 25m+

Fluorocarbon fishing line "Damyl Tectan Superior Fluorocarbon" (25m, 0.18mm)

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Detailed description of the Product

Fluorocarbon is close to the refractive index of water, so the light passes through it, preventing reflections. Fish does not see fluorocarbon. Many anglers around the world use a similar fishing line as the flanged, thus getting better results. Fluorocarbon does not absorb water. A conventional fishing line to absorb 10% of water for 24 hours, resulting in a loss of 5 - 10% strength. Fluorocarbon does not lose strength. It is obvious why this material is used for fishing lines. Fluorocarbon sinks very quickly. Fluorocarbons resistance to abrasion much more than normal lines. Fluorocarbon can withstand temperatures to -40 ° C

Additional information

Article 298-60628
Manufacturer D.A.M.
Diameter 0.18 mm
Length 25 m
Test 2.7 kg
Colour Transparent
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